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Center Feed Line
Center Feed Line

DevSport K-Series Tucked Fuel Feed Line Kit (2002-2005 Honda Civic Si)

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Part Number: FLK-004
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6an Black Nylon Braided Hose
High Quality Swivel Hose Ends
Hard Line Adapter
E85 Compatible
Works with any K-Series Motor

6an Nylon Braided Feed Line
Hardline Adapter Fitting

This kit replaces the OEM rubber feed line with a stylish -6an black nylon braided line. We provide a special EFI fitting that attaches to the hard line on the firewall just like the oem connection, no modifications needed. The new feed line routes from the firewall, along the transmission and up to the fuel rail. Giving your engine bay a nice, clean, "tucked" look. There are two style lines offered for either a side feed fuel rail or center feed fuel rail.

NOTE: This kit will work with any aftermarket fuel rail. Unfortunately stock fuel rails won't work as they lack the proper port for the new line.

Our kits are assembled with the high quality swivel hose ends, fuel adapter, and Russell hose. All lines are pressure tested to insure no leaks will occur if installed correctly. We guarantee 100% quality and satisfaction with our fuel line kits.