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DevSport Power Steering Rack Loop Kit (2005-2006 Acura RSX)

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Price: $50.00
Part #: PSLP-003-01


Our Power Steering Rack Loop Kit is designed to loop the inlet and outlet ports of the steering rack. Perfect for those who are removing their power steering pump and lines to clean up the engine bay or looking to have a stiffer feeling steering rack. The kit allows the fluid to still flow throughout the rack when turning the wheel and doesn't pressurize the rack as much as just capping off the ports. We make our kits from the highest quality hose and fittings and pressure test every kit to insure no leaks will occur.

6an Black Nylon Braided Hose
Black Hose Ends
Fittings for Inlet & Outlet Ports

NOTE: The 05-06 RSX rack uses different size ports than the 02-04 RSX rack. Please make sure you order the correct kit based on the year of your steering rack.


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